Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

The region of Romsdal is considered to have some of the best ski touring areas in Europe, offering steep mountains, great views and long downhill runs!

The season starts with the snow ! In the period from November to February the day`s are short , daylight comes around nine in the morning ,and it gets dark around five in the afternoon. Skiing at this time starts early in the morning. In May Trollstigen road opens, this will extend the ski season and you still have easy access to the summits.

Romsdalen offers several opportunities for skiing and winter activities with easy access to attractive areas from winter-open mountain roads. Choose between cross country skiing along tracks, dog sledding, ice climbing , ski & sail or different courses. In Romsdalen you will find the professional guides who knows about the local conditions, where to find the best snow and can lead you to the areas with the very best of skiing in Romsdalen!