Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Trollveggen Visitor Center is located at the foot of the Troll Wall. In the building you find a souvenirshop, a cafeteria, and a modern auditorium.

Trollveggen Visitor Centre is located under Trollveggen, Europe’s highest vertical mountain wall. The top shoots stretching nearly 1,800 feet into the sky. The upper 1000 m is vertical, and there is an overhang of nearly 50 meters!

The center is a spectacular building with large panoramic windows towards Trollveggen. Here is the view of the film about the dramatic history of the Trollveggen in the Auditorium. Climbing , rescue, drama and spectacular footage of base jumping and climbing in Trollveggen is shown, along with unique images and sound clips from Trollveggens long and unique history as a destination for adventure sports.kafeteria_trollveggen

The center includes:
· Auditorium where the dramatic story of Trollveggen is shown in a 14 min long film
· Cafeteria with good food and drink for travelers
· 200 m2 souvenir shop
° view platform at Trollveggen
· A majestic views through the panoramic window of the restaurant towards Trollveggen

Watch the incredible film about the history of Trollveggen