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Would you like to go hunting for the Trollstigen Trolls?
We are taking you on a fairytale journey through a spectaculare nature, steep mountain sides and powerful waterfalls.
On this trip you visit Trollstigen and Trollveggen – the home of the trolls!
Watch out – they can be found everywhere, and in every shape and size…

Next available Troll Safari-tour will be in Summer 2019!

Troll safari starts with the film “Trollfolk” inside Norsk Tindesenter, this will bring you in the right mood. The fairytale has just started, and the coach is waiting outside to take you to Trollstigen.

Isterdalen, the fairytale valley. – Photo: Steinar Vikås

Trollstigen, the road 63, is a part of the Norwegian Scenic Route; Geiranger – Trollstigen. The marvellous mountain peaks Bispen (the Bishop), Kongen (the King), and Dronninga (the Queen) are looming over the Isterdalen valley, on our way to Trollstigen. The valley floor shows itself in all its glory, the crystal clear Istra river cascades over the rocks and boulders, and sometimes dissapears under overhanging trees and branches.

The coach will drive up to the top of Trollstigen, to nearly 3000 feet. The road wind its way up the steep mountain side. 11 hairpin bends makes this drive possible. Some places the road is cut into the rockface, and other places it is built on the natural stone foundation.

On top of Trollstigen you are in a devoutly high mountain atmosphere. Here you can walk to the viewpoints and study the beautiful architecture Trollstigen Café represents, everything designed to emphasise running water and the dramatic landscape.

The bus takes us down Trollstigen, and stops at the foot of Trollstigen.

Then.., are you ready for a very special experience?

We will start looking for one of the forest trolls in the fairytale forest at the foot of Trollstigen. This troll is the only one that can walk outside in the sunshine without turning into solid rock. They are masters of hiding between trees, rocks and bushes, and they can smell humans from far away. These trolls have adapted to the sun and are somewhat human like, but they still have troll instincts. The troll we are looking for is a bit shy, but friendly to humans. Look behind stones and bushes, and you might just see one of them.

The bus will continue to Trollveggen, Europe’s highest vertical mountain face. There will be a short photostop at Trollveggen Visitor Center.

Trollstigen viewpoint - Åndalsnes

Duration: Approximately 4 hours. From 11 am to 15 pm.
Price: 600 NOK.
Where to buy tickets: Tickets can be purchased online on this web page. You can also buy the tickets in Romsdal Booking’s office inside the train station building before departure. Limited seats available!
Meet up:  Inside Norwegian Mountaineering Center. The film starts at 11:00, so please meet up a little before that.
Bus departure after the film: Bus departs at 11.30 am, from outside Åndalsnes train station. You will find the bus outside Norsk Tindesenter after the film is finished.
Rated: Easy – This is a tour for all ages, however, walking in rugged terrain can be difficult for people with limited mobility. On top of Trollstigen it is possible for wheelchair users to visit the nearest viewpoints. The coach can carry folded wheelchairs.
Facilities: Toilets inside Norsk Tindesenter, the service building on top of Trollstigen, and at Trollveggen Visitor Center. Cafeteria and souvenir shop in the mentioned sites.