Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Join us on a bus trip to Europe’s highest cliff face

The Troll Wall is the highest vertical cliff face. The Troll Peaks reaches heights of almost 1.800 metres above sealevel. The upper 1.000 metres if vertical with an overhang of around 50 metres. Scandinavian mountain climbing started i the Romsdalen Alps and has some of the world’s most diffucult climb. The Troll Wall Visitor Centre is located beneath the Troll Wall and offers spectacular architecture and a documentary of successes and tragedies in the Troll Wall throughout history.



• The film “Trollfollk” at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre

• Bus to the Troll Wall Visitor Centre
• Coffee/tea and snacks
• Viewpoint for Europe’s highest cliff face



  1. Film: “Trollfolk” at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre
  2. Bus to the Troll Wall Visitor Centre
  3. Coffee/tea and snacks
  4. Viewpoint of the highest vertical cliff face in Europe
Trollveggen i Romsdalen, foto Øyvind Heen
The Troll Wall in Romsdalen, photo Øyvind Heen



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