Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

A very nice hike to a summit with a fantastic view all the way. Enjoy the view over the outer coastline in west, and the alpine mountains in south and east.

From Holmemstranda, RV64, you drive the toll road to Nysetra (NOK 60, -), up to the parking area. This place is normally the last opportunity to fill up your water bottles.

The tour starts right from the cabins on Nysetra. A little heavy start and it can be a bit wet throughout the forest. Nice trail then follows a forested ridge to the right of the marsh, slaughtering up to cairns on Teln. From here starts the ascent to the first peak, with cairned path through the boulder field. Follow the left edge of the scree slope upwards, up to the edge where you have excellent view down to Herjevatnet Lake. After the first cairn on the top, there is a nice flat stage before the last piece that follows a sharp ridge to the summit.

On top there is a small cottage where you can seek shelter if the weather is bad.

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