Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

One of the classic ski top-tours in Romsdalen. Great acsent from Skorgedalen, and nice down hill run from Smørbotn peak.

One of the classic top skiing tours in Romsdal, providing a fantastic powder skiing experience. The starting point is the same as for Skarven. Turn right towards Skorgedalen from RV 64 road between Isfjorden and Åfarnes. Large parking lot at the end of the road, at Rauma Ski Resort. Follow the track at the end of the parking lot, over the little bridge and keep to the right of Fuglehaugen. Continue up the hill through the woods towards Smorbotn. A little steep before the top. Fantastic view. IMG_2955_2

Depending on the snow conditions you can choose between two summits of equal altitude. When the snow conditions are real good the west summit offers an excellent run down the south-facing flank. Otherwise the east run down is a popular choice.


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