Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Join a guided river walk along the Rauma River and get the real wilderness feeling on a day to remember.

Since 2002 Svanhild and Arne Skiri at Skiri Gård have arranged river walks with guiding along the Rauma River. The landscape in this part of the valley is uniqe. Rocks, some of them huge, are covering much of the ground as a result of earlier centuries rockslides from the mountains. As the time goes by the rocks are covered with green grass and moss which form this area to a fantastic landscape.

Elvevandring from SigridSu on Vimeo.

The green river digging its way between the rocks and cliffs in the bottom of the Romsdal valley. Arne was born and rised at this place, where the big rocks and the wild river were his playground.

Join a river walk and get the real wilderness feeling among the river cascades, trollish vegetation and peaceful ponds. Arne Skiri would like to introduce you to the old cultural heritage, learn more about the old settlement and the rich animal and birdlife. This part of the river offers some of the best places for salmon fishing, and Skiri Gård has a rich history of salmon fishing.

The river walk lasts for about 1 1/2 hour, up to 2 hours. The terrain is rough, but manageable if you are in a normal good health. You should wear suitable footwear for walking in partly slippery terrain.

Watch a video from the river walk in this article from a local newspaper:

Elvevandring på Skiri, av Romsdals Budstikke