Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

A daytrip to take on your own to explore Molde town, and a fantastic scenery along the route.

A scenic day trip to Molde, “The town of Roses”, by bus from Åndalsnes train station, departure 09.20 in the morning.

Visit the Romsdal Museum, or go for a wonderful hike up to Varden (407 meters above sea level), an hour walk from the town center.


Time schedule for the roundtrip:

From Åndalsnes the bus drives along the Romsdalsfjord through a lovely countryside landscape. From Vestnes the ferry will take you across the Romsdalsfjord. At the ferry there is a cafeteria where you can buy the local speciality; “Svele”, and have a cup of coffee. Molde is a scenic town, known for the great “Molde-panorama” view. You can take a stroll by the sea front, or you can visit the Romsdal Museum, and also continue the walk up to Varden viewpoint.

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Varden – you will need good walking shoes!
Go for a walk along the sea front.
Visit the Romsdal Museum


In weekends, or if you don’t want to start so early in the morning it is possible to buy one way tickets to and from Molde. Bus nr 420, Åndalsnes – Molde, runs frequently.

To purchase one way tickets between Åndalsnes and Molde, click here:

Tickets for Åndalsnes – Molde bus

Tickets for Molde – Åndalsnes bus