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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

42 km of the river has salmon and trout populations, from the sea at Åndalsnes to Kylling bridge at Verma station. A walk along the Rauma River provides experiences full of contrasts.

Silent flowing parties and powerful rapids culminate in pools, making it to ideal fishing spots. Lush vegetation and steep mountain sides surrounds the river and the famous Rauma Line that bends through the valley. It is not without reason that Lonely Planet called the Rauma line through Romsdalen Europe’s most scenic train journey. “Thanks to the engineers who built railways in some of Europe’s most difficult terrains. The hard work has resulted in some of the most picturesque journeys in the world,” the Travel Guide says.

Along the valley floor in a wild and beautiful setting runs the foaming salmon river, Rauma. At Verma the Rauma runs through a 30-40 metre deep gorge, forming Slettafossen waterfall. The waterfall is secured by fences on either side and you can cross over on a walking bridge. Nice souvenirshop where you can buy Norwegian handcraft and reindeer skin.

Slettafossen Waterfall

Many creeks and waterfalls from the mountain sides merges into the river Rauma. It gives the water a fresh, crystal clear and greenish look.
Along the river there are many beautiful sights. Kylling bridge is a railway bridge built with hand-hewn stone. It was built in 1913 – 1923. Height of the bridge is 60 meters, and right under the powerful Slettafossen rumbles through the valley. The Verma waterfall is a mighty sight in spring and early summer when the water flow is great.

Leif Johnny Olestad 2014 (27)
Kylling Bridge

In the middle of the valley, not so easy to find, is Fantehelleren – a huge boulder, which under this is a hidden cave. Under this boulder bandits (and other travelers) could seek shelter for the night. This is in a place where the valley is at its narrowest, and the valley bottom consists of huge mossy boulders. Through the years this part of the valley has been exposed for avalanches and rockslides. The inhabitants here have suffered great losses, and the history from this part of the valley is dramatic. The atmosphere is trollish, and if you walk along the old horse and carriage road you can find many exciting hideouts and caves that were used for shelter in the old days.



A walk through this unique landscape is recommended. A local historian born and raised here arranges River Walks, that take you to the hidden beautiful places along the river, and tells you about salmon fishing, and also the dramatic story from the old days.

One of the last English owned salmon fishing properties in Norway is located in the valley. Fiva House is located about 10 km up the valley from Åndalsnes, just before Trollveggen. This property has the best location, right beside the river Rauma, and has during centurys been a salmon paradise.


Devold. Første villaks tatt sesongen 2004. Per Devold (til venstre) og Frode Kvernes.
Salmon caught at Devold property, season 2004. Per Devold (to the left) and Frode Kvernes.