Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Supplier of electricity and internet connectivity. Rauma Municipality is 100% shareholder. This means you are contributing directly to the local society by choosing a plan with Rauma Energy.

Rauma Energi AS creates value for the local society

Rauma Energy is important for the society since Rauma Municipality is the 100% shareholder, thereby directly contributing to local societal growth. The company plays a crucial role through it’s opreations and management of the ressources. At the same time, the company generates positive financial income.

Rauma Energy’s profit is generated through good management of hydro power and other facilities, including competitiveness in distribution and sales of electricity and internet connectivity.

Besides the direct contributors such as results and dividend, Rauma Energy also contributes to

  • Local workplaces
  • Local suppliers
  • Supply Chain continuity with local watch teams year round
  • Expansion and developement of local infrastructure in internet connectivity, commercially and domestic
  • Sponsoship of local sports clubs and other associations


Join Team Rauma Energy! – for local sustainability and growth.


Rauma Energi Electricity

Competitive prices on electricity delivered nation wide. Do you have any questions about their plans, follow the link above.


Rauma Energi Supply

Do you live in Rauma and need to perfom a power reading, electrical supply for a worksite or other supply matters locally? Click the link above


Rauma Energi Internet

Do you live in Rauma and need an internet connection, or have other questions related to internet supply plans? Click the link above