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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

A wonderful musical performance by Ruth Olina Lødemel!

Do you want to add something extra to your event? Book entertainment (song and musical performance) with Ruth Olina Lødemel today! She will give you and your guests a wonderful musical experience.

Ruth Olina Lødemel is an educated singer from Norges Musikkhøyskole and the Barrat Due Institute of Music. She is a freelance singer and has performed at concerts in Norway as well as in other countries for many years. Now she launches her own new product with songs like “Romsdalseggen” (Romsdal Ridge) and “Hyllest til Romsdal” (A tribute to the Romsdal Valley).

If you want your event to be remembered by your guests, book a performance with Ruth Olina. With her songs and her music she will give you a wonderful musical experience as a warm welcome to Romsdalen and Norway!


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