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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Molde og Romsdal Turistforening is the local department of the national trekking association (DNT). The organisation maintain a network of marked foot trails and ski tracks, and operates several cabins in the Romsdal mountains. Become a member today, and achieve a bunch of advantages.

DNT is the official Norwegian trekking organisation counting more than 260,000 members. Promoting outdoor life on a broad scale, Molde and Romsdal Turistforening operates cabins, marked routes and ski tracks, and organises tours and courses. DNT’s activities are based on extensive volunteer work. Each year, volunteers together work more than 175,000 hours, by activities such as marking and cairning, maintaining footpaths, building bridges, operating and running cabins, as well as arranging member meetings and information work, arranging skiing- and hiking tours with different degree of difficulty. All tasks are executed by voluntary communal work, partly through different committees. People from all societies in Norway are privileged to join the community, and through their common interest in outdoor activities they get together and share outdoor experiences. Throughout the year there are several arranged guided tours on foot and on ski, and a wide range of other outdoor activities, tailormade for seniors, experienced mountaineers, beginners, students and children/families.

The cabins that Molde og Romsdal Turistforening runs in Romsdal region can be found on this map. Click on the pictures to read more about the cabin.


The cabin has an easy access from Skorgedalen, and is a great starting point for hikes and skitouring to the summits.

Nearby you find a ski lift operating in weekends when the snow conditions are good. Great for fishing, canoeing and

cross country skiing. Popular among families. 27 beds. Self service.


Måsvassbu is beautifully situated by the lake Måsvatnet, at the foot of Mt Klauva (1512 masl).

Great starting point for many hikes and ski tours in the mountains.

The cabin has 31 beds. Self service.


Situated on the ridge, 1190 masl, between Horndalen and Kjøvdalen makes Vasstindbu

the highest located cabins. Majestic view over the mountains. 

10 beds. No service or provisions.


Svartvassbu is situated by a lake, between Grøvdalen (Isfjorden) and Meringdal (Eikesdalsvatnet).

12 beds. No service or provisions.


Cosy Hoemsbu is situated by the Eikesdalsvatnet (22 masl).

Great possibilities for outdoor activities right outside the doorstep.

Ideal place for families with kids in all ages. 36 beds. Self service.


The cabin has a great location in the western end of Reinsvatnet, 900 masl.

High mountain terrain, great starting point for hiking. 10 beds. Self service.


Brandstadbu is situated in the beautiful Øksendalen valley, surrounded by towering mountains.

8 beds. No service or provisions.


See the specifications for the types of cabins: