Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Rauma Line – Europe`s  most scenic train journey according to Lonely Planet! The Rauma Railway offers passengers a unique opportunity to experience close-up one of Norway`s most spectaculare natural regions.

Famous bridges and beautiful waterfalls along the route through Romsdalen valley. Kylling Bridge – Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

Take the Rauma Railway the whole distance! Åndalsnes – Dombås, and return. Sit on the train all the way to Dombås, a distance of 100 kilometres. Then you will have a little spare time in Dombås to have a look around, before the train takes you back to Åndalsnes. If you love trains and the scenery of Romsdal and high mountain terrain, this is it!

You can also choose to make your own little round trip: Åndalsnes – Bjorli, and return. Jump of the train at the first stop at Bjorli station, 50 kilometres. Your journey will go through the beautiful valley with the dramatic mountains and waterfalls. At Bjorli the landscape is changing. Bjorli is a popular winter resort providing one of the best conditions for cross country skiing and alpine downhill skiing in Norway. It’s a high mountain terrain, where the landscape is more open, and the scenery is different. If you chose to jump of the train at Bjorli you will have more than two hours to spend here.

Read more about the Rauma Line on the offisial page of NSB. Are you looking for the time schedule for the Rauma Line? Take a look here!

The experience can be combined with a train ride on the Dovrebanen, between Oslo and Trondheim. If you are already in Møre and Romsdal , you can choose to take a short train ride from Åndalsnes to Bjorli. This is a fantastic journey from sea to mountains in only an hour. The 114 km long railway from Dombås to Åndalsnes takes you through a very varied and contrasting landscape, past Lesjaskogsvatnet which is one of very few lakes in the world with a river on each side!

Harry Potter’s latest film used Raumabanen and Lesjaskogsvatnet as a backdrop during the recording of the Half-Blood Prince!

Strong, bright colors and clean fresh air as far as the eye can see. You’ll find everything from steep mountains falling vertically to the valley and majestic pointed peaks, to beautiful lush hillsides that meet big, round plateaus. Further inland you find pristine national parks with large wild strains.

In Bjorli there are great hiking possibilities in the mountains, both in the summer and autumn, and in the winter there are good conditions for cross-country and alpine skiing. Bjorli is known as one of the places in Norway where you are guaranteed snow in the wintertime.

The dramatic towering peaks of Trollveggen lies right beside the railway. Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

Raumabanen use both sides of the valley by Verma to climb down to the bottom of Romsdalen. The train drives through ‘vendetunnellen’ where the train  turns inside the mountain and comes out 19 meters below! The train then crosses Kyllingbru (Kylling Bridge), which is one of the great engineering arts in this railway line, and a popular photo motif from Romsdalen.

The train has large panoramic windows so you can sit back and enjoy the view. You get a spectacular view of the Trollveggen, Europe’s highest vertical mountain wall. The train takes you across 32 bridges. The beautiful emerald-colored salmon river Rauma is both gentle and wild – in one moment it flows quietly, surrounded by white sandy beaches and the next it flows freely down the steep gorge at a tremendous speed

How to buy tickets:

Use this web page for purchasing tickets for train in Norway:

The cheepest way of purchasing tickets is to buy your tickets online on this web page. But if you want it is also possible to buy tickets on board the train.

From May to late August some departures are tailored for maximum scenic experience, combining a leisure tempo with audio guide and photostops at Trollveggen and Kylling bridge.

In the most spectacular places the train drives extra slow, and at the famous Kylling Bridge and the Trollveggen mountainwall, the train stops so that you can take great pictures.During the train ride you will be guided in Norwegian, English and German. On board the train you will get a brochure with information about the sights along the way and a map showing the entire journey.

You can also book a package tour where Raumabanen is included, along with other highlights from Fjord Norway, which includes Geiranger Fjord, Ålesund, Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railway. We can help you planning your journey.