Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Åndalsnes town centre

Rampestreken viewpoint is a popular hike with a stunning view, only 1,5 hour walk up the mountainside, starting from the town centre. Start the hike by following the line marked green. Very well marked path to the top, signposted Rampestreken, 550 masl. Nesaksla is the top of the mountain, providing a fantastic view, 715 masl.

Norsk Tindesenter (2) is a modern museum in Åndalsnes town centre, showing the Norwegian climbing history through an interactive exhibition and film auditorium. The building houses Norway’s highest indoor climbing wall.

Grytten Church (3)  is a wooden church situated 1,5 kilometers from the port of Åndalsnes. First built in Grytten in 1732, moved to, and rebuilt in Veblungsnes in 1829.

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Åndalsnes and the surroundings


Åndalsnes and Romsdalen region