Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Kløvstien is an old path connecting Romsdalen and Sunnmøre, used by traders for centuries. This path has been an important fairway for the settlers on the other side of the mountian, who travelled to the market place in Romsdalen. It was a dramatic and dangerous path down the mountainside with cascading waterfalls, only navigable by foot, until Trollstigen road opened in 1936.

The path is preserved as a cultural heritage, and a lot of efforts have been put in maintaining the path. Stone steps and chains are making challenging parts more accessible and safer.

The hike starts in Isterdalen and continues up the hillside along the river Istra.

Park at the info sign in Isterdalen, RV63, and follow the marked trail in the woods until the Trollstigen road starts. Further up the trail steepens, and you get close to Stigfossen waterfall. 150 meters before the Stigfossen bridge there is a challenging part which is secured with chains and newly improved with stone steps. Take care and be aware that it can be slippery on the stones. The path crosses the car road some places.

You can also join a guided hiking tour to hear the interesting story about the old trademen’s path.


Good hiking shoes or mountain boots are recommended for this hike.

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For centuries the local market “Romsdalsmartna’n” on Devold was very important for trade and relations in this area