Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930
A gentle ridge with great view. Photo from the book Ski touring in Romsdal by Halvor Hagen.

An accessible mountain in an easy terrain. For less efforts you receive a fantastic view along the ridge to the top. Drive to Måndalen, and park at Skare, where the toll road to Skarsetra starts.
Follow the tracks towards Skarsetra. Cross the river, and head southwards in the direction of the large east-facing ridge to the top of Kjøsen.

It gets a little steep in the final part to the top.
In good snow conditions it is possible to ski down the north side back to the starting point via the road from Månvassetra. The steepest part is below the tree line.
From the top of Kjøsen you can also choose to ski down the ridge, the same way you ascended. The steepest slopes just below the summit can be dangerous. If you are uncertain about the conditions it is best to follow the ridge back the same way