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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Are you up for a challenge in the height, getting from one platform to another?
The climbing park contains 7 tracks, 10 zip lines and 95 elements to explore.
Bring your family, friends or group for a day packed with adrenaline fun in the height.

Prepare yourself for an exiting and fun day in the height. The climbing park is located in beautiful surroundings next to the ski slopes in the mountain village Bjoli.

Our courses are varied and have the same color grading as used in ski resorts to indicate difficulty. The easiest courses are orange, while the green, blue and red courses are the more challenging.

The courses are made of wires and ropes, which are built into the natural terrain and let you experience an exciting world from the tree tops. At Hoyt & Lavt climbing parks, we provide challenging activities and raw experiences in a safe environment, for all ages and skill levels. We have tailormade offers for individuals, families and groups.

Here you find the opening hours:

The climbing park has a great location in natural environments, sunny and with a lovely view over the village. You can easy spend some hours here.

If you want a tailormade offer for a larger group or company, please read here:

The climbing park is situated only 50 kilometres from Åndalsnes, og only one kilometer from Bjorli train station. We can offer pick up service from the train station on request.

Feel free to contact us: 

 +47 984 06 262

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