Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

An amazing hike up to the edge of the Troll Wall. From Stabbeskaret you will see straight down the Romsdal Valley. Join Friluftslek for a guided hiking tour, where you will get to hear the story of the Troll Wall and the mountains surrounding us!

A spectacular hike to Stabbeskaret, on the edge of Trollveggen. Join an experienced guide from Friluftslek who will keep focus on safety and your experience.

The guide has a lot of local knowledge and mountaineering experience, and also knows the history of Trollveggen with climbing and parachuting.

We will first cross the river by the cafeteria at Trollstigen and continue towards the famous Trollstigen-view point. The path will continue up the mountainside, towards Stigbotn. From here the path steepens a bit up to the back of the mountain. Here we follow the cairns, and look after a tiny glacier. When we get there we will walk on the left hand side of the glacier to a place called Frokostplassen. At Frokostplassen we just continue up to Semletind and to the lowest part between Semletind og Stabben.

The hike is explained with more details and map at

Some advice for the trip:

  • Good footwear
  • Enough to eat and drink
  • Some extra clothing in case the weather changes (it can be a bit windy in the area)
  • Buy a map of the Romsdal-mountains at our office before you go
What do I need to bring?
Bring your own packed lunch and something to drink. We recommend that you use good shoes for hiking, preferably some shoes that protect the ancles. 
Attention points!
Participants must be in a normal good health condition, and be able to wak in a rough terrain. 
Suitable for well fit persons.