Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

The Norwegian outdoors are fantastic, but hiking or skiing in it can be challenging. Both terrain and weather vary, so it’s best to be well prepared. Load your pack well; know how to use and always carry a map and compass. Here are some hints for safe hiking and skiing in Romsdal. Enjoy your trekking!

To have access to the locked self-serviced huts owned by DNT (Norwegian Tourist Assossiation), you need a special key. To borrow the key you need to be a member of DNT.  If you are a member of DNT or of an affiliated association in another country, you may borrow a DNT cabin key against a deposit of NOK 100, which is refunded upon return. If you’re not yet a member, you may join here. You can pick up a key in a DNT member association offices. In Åndalsnes this is Norsk Tindesenter.

A good map is essential on a hike or ski tour. Romsdal Libris Bokhandel in Åndalsnes town provides a wide selection of maps and relevant reading about trekking in Romsdalen.

Stabben in Trollveggen – Photo: Norsk Tindesenter

Clothing acts to protect you against weather wind and helps you regulate body warmth. A trekking store in the middle of Åndalsnes town, Friluftslek, has got everything you need. They will help you select clothing that will keep you warm and dry as well as comfortable on a tour. Friluftslek are run by mountaineers, and they eager to give you advice and tips about places to visit. They also operate a guide pool with professional guides that can show you the real gems of Romsdalen.

Wether you like gentle hikes with history telling, a guided tour on the famous Romsdalseggen, or if you want to stand on top of Stabben in Trollveggen; A professional guide from our network can take you wherever you want based on your skills and wishes.

Do you need a new charger or an extra SD card? Visit IKTSupport for all electronical issues in Åndalsnes town, located only 50 metres from Friluftslek and Romsdal Libris book store.