Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

You can start the trip from both Grøvdalen in Isfjorden and from Eikesdalsvatnet. Grøvdalen is the most common place to start, as described here.

This tour is suitable either for experts or as a guided tour. Never do this trip alone, if you are unexperienced, or in companion with other unexperienced. The entire area is characterized by challenging and steep terrain, with avalanche danger in prone areas.
Juratind - Photo:
Gjuratind – Photo:
juratind - Photo:
Gjuratind – Photo:

Gjuratind is a characteristic peak between Isfjorden and Eikesdalen. From north the top looks like a vertical rock wall, from the North east a sharp spear, and from the east like an enormous tower. Recommended time for ski touring is late spring time, starting on foot in green surroundings in the bottom of the Grøvdalen valley. Ascent begins with a well marked DNT trail at Rabben in Grøvdalen. You drive up a mountain road east of Isfjorden signed Grøvdalen. If the road is closed during winter time after heavy snow falls you must start at Morstøl, two kilometres before Rabben. In late spring you have to put the skis on your backpack and walk about 300 – 400 height metres before facing the snow. Continue heading upwards some kilometres towards Hoemskardet with skies on. From Hoemskaret cross over the glacier called Hoembreen to the south ridge of Juratind. The view from the south ridge is magnificant. Eikesdalsvatnet sparkling 1500 meters below you, in the North east we could get a glimpse of Tustna and the west coast islands, and on a clear day you can even spot the windmills at Smøla. In South the majestic Tafjordfjella rises in a row, in the west white Romsdal Mountain peaks with Trollveggen as the great eyecatcher. Up north Gjuratinden rises in front of you like a giant beast.

The glacier is usually safe. From the glacier follow a snow line up to the south ridge before the top of Gjuratind. Here you have to take off your skis. At this point, right under the summit, the skiing trip ends, but some wants to continue the last 150 meters to the top. But even without reaching the top this is a great ski trip with a hilarious descent.

To reach the top there are two alternative routes depending on snow conditions. If the snow is safe it is recommended to traverse over to the left and cross over to the west ridge. Now you have come to a steep part with easy climbing the last stretch up to the apex. Remember to bring ice axe, climbing rope and safety equipment. This is essential equipment if you plan to reach the top!

For dessert you can look forward to a long and nice descent in magnificent surroundings, ca. 1550 m vertical drop. Follow the same way back.

Read a great article about ski touring up to Gjuratind here! (Norwegian only)

juratindryggen - Photo: Lars Rikard Morstøl
Gjuratindryggen – Photo: Lars Rikard Morstøl