Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Ski touring can be an experience in weather changes and it is necessary to do some research and make some good plans to make sure you get the most out of the ski touring.

ski touringA useful book to start with is Ski touring in Romsdal, written by Halvor Hagen, a local professional ski guide with deeper knowledge in avalanches.

A map over the area is also essential for the trip. Ski touring in Romsdal, map is a functional and very good map for ski touring.

When seeking the great adventures in the Romsdal mountains you should always let safety issues decide which mountain and which route is the safest based on the snow conditions and weather forecast. and are important web pages that provides updated information about the weather and avalanche risk in the area. The data from here can be an important indication of how the circumstances are inn the mountains at the moment. This information alone is not sufficient to be able to make safe decisions. You have to know the mountain and the route alternatives. If you are in any doubt you should always ask for advice. Romsdal has many high skilled ski guides that can make your day both safe and unforgettable, finding the best snow and greatest place for skiing.

First of all you should wear good clothing. Your undergarments and base layer should be lightweight, and wool is the best choice. Look for some good features for your 2nd layer. This is “your action layer” most of the tour, and it must be light and breathable. This can be light fleece or nylon material.

Your softshell jacket and softshell pant should be a thin, light, stretchy, breathable but wind and snowresistant layer that is comfortable.

The shell jacket and pant should be lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. Your lightweight shell pants should have full or hip-length side zips. It must be packable in a ski pack.

From the bottom of the valley to the top there is normally a huge difference in temperature. The beginning of the ski tour can be a pretty warm experience. If the weather is not too cold you should avoid duplicate layers in the beginning. Touring light will greatly improve your experience. Your rucksack should always contain warm clothing for windy tops. Including an extra pair of socks, wind proof gloves and a thick warm hat. Zip clothes can be a genious thing with the easy on and off function.

A great store to visit with all the necessary equipment and a wide knowledge about ski touring in Romsdal is Friluftslek. The store is expertly staffed by climbers, skiers, and guides. The shop is located in the middle of the town centre, right in front of the city hall. They focus on quality products, thoroughly field-tested and approved by the guides. The products range from free ride skiing equipment, clothing, necessary outdoor equipment, safety products and a lot of usefull things. You can also visit their webshop.