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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

The motel is beautifully situated 30 kilometres from the mountain village Dombås, in the habitat of the musk oxes and the wild reindeers, and with a fantastic view towards Mount Snøhetta.

Frich´s Motel and Eatery Hjerkinnhus offers genuine Norwegian experiences. You will get a good night’s sleep, eat traditional Norwegian food and go hiking at Dovrefjell. We facilitate different activities and have bikes, kayaks and canoes for rent. We also organize several excursions such as mountain hiking, muskox safari through Dovrefjell National park among others.

The Motel & Eatery at Hjerkinn is surrounded by raw Norwegian nature – the view of the mountain Snøhetta attracts both nature lovers and adventurers to stay overnight and enjoy a supper in our restaurant. In the summertime, a bus runs from Hjerkinnhus to Snøheim five times a day. From Snøheim you can hike to the top of Snøhetta which takes about five to seven hours (roundtrip). The trip is manageable to the vast majority and is highly recommended if you want to enjoy beautiful Norwegian nature.

You can easy reach Hjerkinnhus by train from Trondheim and Oslo. The train stops at Hjerkinn Station, and Frich’s Hjerkinnhus is just a two-minute walk from the station.