Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Frich’s Cafe are proud to have a tradition and local inspired cuisine. We put an effort in offering high quality dishes, good service, and to reasonable prices.

Frich’s Café in Dombås is the perfect place to take a break and eat when on the road. and for many travellers a visit in this café is mandatory. The rich and varied menu Frich’s can offer will suit most desires. The location in the charming and only shopping centre of Dombås, next to E6, makes Frich’s a perfect place to take a shorter or longer rest if you are on a travel.

Frich’s serves traditional Norwegian food made from fresh local produce with seasonal ingredients. Try the moose or reindeer steak with fresh vegetables and lingonberries, or the salt lamb meat with potatoes, porridge made of sour cream, or home made meat balls with potatoes and pea stew, to mention some of the traditional Norwegian dishes in our menu.

Dombås is also a natural stating point for great outdoor experiences. You can try Musk ox safari, hiking, dog sledging, fishing, and much more. Dombås is a perfect destination for all people searching for thrilling outdoor adventures in the wilderness.