Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930


Where is Trollstigen?
Trollstigen is a short car/bus/bike-ride away from Åndalsnes, only 17 kilometers from the town centre.

Is Trollstigen open all year?
Trollstigen is closed during the winter. It opens when the snow has melted sufficiently, and the weather conditions are stable. Normally the opening time is in mid May, but it can be earlier or even later. Check the last updates at Trollstigen closes normally in early November, but sometimes earlier. The weather changes quickly in autumn, and even if the thermometer shows 10 degrees in Åndalsnes town, it could be below zero higher up in the mountains. Then the showers will contain snow, and suddenly the driving conditions can be very dangerous. It happens that the road can be periodically closed for shorter or longer periods during autumn. Norwegian Public Roads Administration makes the decision when Trollstigen is getting finally closed for the winter season.

Is the Trollstigen road safe to drive for all kind of vehicles?
All passenger vehicles can drive in Trollstigen, but the maximum length of a bus is 13,10 meters.

Are there any toilets in Trollstigen?
Inside the service building on top of Trollstigen plateau you find modern toilet facilities.

Is there any hikes we can do near Trollstigen?
There are several hikes you can do starting from and ending up in Trollstigen, with different difficult levels. For those who have some experience hiking in the mountains we can reccommend two word-class hikes; Stabbeskaret and Kløsvstien. An easier hike which provide a fantastic view over Trollstigen and the surrounding mountains are Bispevatnet.

Is there a camp site near Trollstigen?
Yes, Trollstigen Camping and Gjestegård is the closest camp site, located between the majestic mountains, at the foot of Trollstigen. This camp site offers cabins in different sizes, places for caravans and tents. There are cafeteria, playground and a big souvenirshop at the site.

Is it possible to bike Trollstigen?
Yes, it is possible. Make sure the breaks are working. Please note it can be crowded with cars and buses during the high season.

Is it possible to bike Trollstigen when the Trollstigen road is closed?
Visiting, and move around in Trollstigen when the road is closed is associated with risk. There are several rockslides and avalanches of different sizes in Trollstigen during the spring, due to the fast snow melting process. We reccommend you to wait until the road is open.

Where can I hire a bike?
You can hire a bike in Romsdal Booking’s office inside the train station building. Romsdal Booking has electrical bikes and normal bikes for hire.

Is there any public transportation to Trollstigen?
Yes, during the summer there are daily sightseeing buses between Åndalsnes and Geiranger. The bus stops for 25 minutes in Trollstigen before it continues on the route. Take a look at the time schedules here.

I would like to visit Trollstigen, but the sightseeing bus has not startet for the season, what is the best option?
You can consider hire a car. That would be a cost of approx NOK 1000 for 1 day. Then you can visit Trollstigen and Geiranger, and many other scenic places in our region. Check out the rental car companies Avis or Hertz, both are located in Åndalsnes. If you are many people together who want to explore Trollstigen and surroundings we can reccommend you to hire a taxi-van inclusive driver from HS Turbil. 


I would like to hike Romsdalseggen, is it a difficult hike?
You should read all the information about the Romsdalseggen hike carefully. On the Romsdalseggen webpage you find a lot of useful information. We suggest you follow our facebook-page for the latest updates and to see many pictures from Romsdalseggen.

When is the season for hiking Romsdalseggen?
The season kicks off officially when the bus to the start point of the Romsdalseggen hike starts operating. From July 1st the bus is scheduled to be running every day at 09.30 am. If the conditions in the mountains are good enough earlier the bus will drive at weekends in June. It depends on the weather, and the snow coinditions in the mountains, so the decisions whether the bus will run or not will be made short time in advance. Safety comes first.

How do I get to the start of Romsdalseggen?
The bus will drive you to the start of Romsdalseggen every morning at 09.30. You need a ticket for the bus. Tickets can be purchased online here, or you can buy it inside Romsdal Booking’s office before departure.

What is the price for a ticket?
Adult NOK 150, Child NOK 75, Familiy (2 + 2) NOK 300, Dog NOK 75

Is it possible to hike Romsdalseggen if it is raining?
You should always check the weather forecast before you plan to do the hike over Romsdalseggen. Hiking is at your own risk, and if you do not feel comfortable with slippery ground you should consider hiking on the edge an another day. Low clouds and mist can be a bad surprise on top of Romsdalseggen. Do not do the hike if the day starts out bad with heavy mist, and the weather forecast is bad.

Is there any shed on top of Romsdalseggen in case of bad weather?
There is no shed or places to seek shelter on top of the Romsdalseggen edge the first 8 kilometers. This is an exposed hike, so we strongly recommend you to avoid to do the hike on days with thunderstorms. At Nesaksla, on the descent to Åndalsnes, there is a stone cabin where you can take shelter.

Where is the best place to park the car?
All parking in Åndalsnes is free of charge. However, you should be aware of the strict parking rules downtown! Avoid parking for more than three hours in Åndalsnes town center. If you exceed the time limit, or fail to use the parking clock you can risk being fined. In the long term parking places you can leave the car the whole day, and you will have no worries. Take a look at this informative web page about car parking.

Bus connection Åndalsnes – Geiranger in off season

How can i travel Åndalsnes – Geiranger before June 26? 
Your option before 24th June is the ordinary buses that operates, which means you have to follow this route:
Please note that the time table lasts until April 30, but we expect only minor changes. We will update our webpage with the new schedules when these are available from the transport company. Expect updates from mid April.

Can I book tickets in advance for the off-season bus?
It is not possible to book tickets in advance for the off-season travel-route. Buy the ticket on the bus.

Does the bus accept credit cards?
Yes, the buses accept payment with cards. Visa and MasterCard are accepted


Where can I find information about bus connections to and from Åndalsnes?

Visit, and you will find a lot of useful travel information.

How can I get from Åndalsnes to Bergen?

If you like a scenic bus journey through the dramatic landscape of the western Norway you can go by the express bus. It will take you about 10 hours from Ålesund to Bergen. Click here and you will find the time schedule for the express bus between Ålesund and Bergen. You will also find some practical information about how to buy tickets here. Please note that you have to get to Ålesund to catch the bus. To buy tickets for the bus between Åndalsnes and Ålesund please follow this link:

If you want to travel by train you will start the journey from Åndalsnes to Oslo first, and then change to the Bergen-train in Oslo. If you like a comfortable train journey through a beautiful landscape please take a look at

The easiest way to get to Bergen is by plane from Molde or Ålesund to Bergen. Check availabilities here: