Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Rauma Railway – a beautiful journey between high mountain peaks and wild waterfalls.

Leif Johnny Olestad 2014 (27)
Rauma Line – Kylling Bridge (Photo: Olestad)
©Leif J Olestad-Stugguflåten-bru-Raumaelv
Rauma Line – Stuguflåten bridge (Photo: Olestad)

Rauma Line – Europe`s  most scenic train journey – Lonely Planet! The Rauma Railway offers passengers a unique opportunity to experience close-up one of Norway`s most spectaculare natural regions.

Only 5 hours from Oslo and 4 hours from Trondheim.

Raumabanen - Foto: Leif Johnny Olestad
Rauma Line – Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

Take the Rauma Railway the whole distance! Åndalsnes – Dombås, and return. Sit on the train all the way to Dombås, a distance of 100 kilometres. Then you will have a little spare time in Dombås to have a look around, before the train takes you back to Åndalsnes. If you love trains and the scenery of Romsdal and high mountain terrain, this is it!

You can also choose to make your own little round trip: Åndalsnes – Bjorli, and return. Jump of the train at the first stop at Bjorli station, 50 kilometres. Your journey will go through the beautiful valley with the dramatic mountains and waterfalls. At Bjorli the landscape is changing. Bjorli is a popular winter resort providing one of the best conditions for cross country skiing and alpine downhill skiing in Norway. It’s a high mountain terrain, where the landscape is more open, and the scenery is different. If you chose to jump of the train at Bjorli you will have more than two hours to spend here. You can go for a walk or take a cup of coffee in Bjorli.

Read more about the Rauma Line on the official NSB page. Are you looking for the time schedule for the Rauma Line? Take a look here!