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Welcome to a new trekking season on the Romsdalseggen ridge in 2018! Romsdalseggen – The hike that takes the breath away from even the most experienced mountain hiker!

Hiking the Romsdalseggen ridge is probaly Norway’s most beautiful trekking experience. Romsdalseggen is located in the heart of Romsdalen. It offers splendid vistas of some of the wildest mountains in Norway. On top of the ridge you have a 360 degree view. Romsdalshorn, Kongen, Dronninga, Vengetindene, and Trollveggen with its shark`s teeth peaks, the Romsdalsfjord, and the Norwegian sea. Experience one of Norway`s most spectacular hikes, near Åndalsnes – Norway`s capital of peaks.

Ski touring in Romsdal – and to the top of Blånebba, on the Romsdalseggen ridge, is an experience beyond magic! Join a guided ski tour this winter. Take a look at our winter-packages.

Bus into the start point departs from Åndalsnes Railway Station from July 1st – September 30th every morning at 09.30. Between July 1st and August 12th, on Fridays and Saturdays, there will be an extra bus departure to Vengedalen at 12.00. Avoid the crowd and enjoy a fantastic afternoon hike over the Romsdalseggen ridge! Buy the tickets online on this website.

The bus will be at the station from 9:00, and it will depart as soon as it gets filled up. Meet up early.

Information about the Romsdalseggen ridge:

Here you find details about the hike, some advices and useful info. You can also read more about hiking the Romsdalseggen ridge in the Romsdalseggen brochure.

The hike starts from the car park in Vengedalen (17 km from Åndalsnes) and the route follows the ridge all the way back to Åndalsnes. The hike takes about seven to eight hours in normal speed. You can choose between two different route options for the Romsdalseggen hike.

Alternative 1 Normalruta is the most popular route. This is the most spectacular route option, where you walk on top of the ridge all the time. The view is 360 degrees, and you’ll have a stunning view for several hours. This hike is 10 kilometers long, and the height difference is about 970 meter. It’s airy, but a breathtaking experience standing on top of the ridge. The path is well marked, and the surface is good. Some parts of the hike is exposed, and it feels scary to some people. You don’t need climbing equipment, but there are chains bolted in the steepest parts for a better grip. People with a mild degree of fear of heights will, with a good companion to lean on, manage to get through the toughest part of the hike. But you should not choose the normal route if you suffer from a solid fear of heights or lack sufficient hiking experience. You should choose a milder route option – alternatively start the hike from the opposite direction, from Åndalsnes town. 

It is important to bring enough to drink and eat, there are no places to get food or drink on the way. Make sure you also have the appropriate clothing – be aware of the fact that the weather in Norway can be quite changing!1-Romsdalseggen_Foto_Øystein_Tveiten_58

Alternative 2 Romsdalseggen via Høgnosa is an option if you want to avoid the steepest, and most scary part of Romsdalseggen. This route starts from the same place as Normalruta, but you continue straight ahead towards Kaffikjelbua instead of following the steeper climb towards the top of the ridge. Practically you walk on the rear side of Romsdalseggen ridge for a while before the path turns to the left, steep upwards the hillside and connects with the Normalruta on top of the ridge. Romsdalseggen via Høgnosa is not an easier hike, the total length is more than 12 kilometers and the height difference is even more than the Normalruta. In some parts you will walk in scree. When walking in the scree it is important to keep looking for the cairns with red painted dots. You should always stick to the red-marked path. This route option is not more suitable for people with lack of mountain hiking experience, and not suitable for children under school age (under 10 years old). This is a physically tough hiking trip, and you should not embark on this trip unless you are in a good shape.

Bring a map and compass, and make sure you can use it, then you are able to navigate if the weather turns bad.

Romsdalseggen ridge, foto: Gjelstenli Romsdalseggen ridge, foto: Sundvor

The hiking trip over Romsdalseggen is not for everybody! Please take precautions:

You should consider your own mountain hiking experience before you take the decision of hiking Romsdalseggen ridge. Children should be used to hike a longer distance in rough terrain. Romsdalseggen ridge hike is not suitable for pre-school children. Wear proper clothing, good hiking shoes and bring warm clothes and plenty to eat and drink before embarking on this long hike. Update yourself about the latest weatherforecast. In case of dense fog or low clouds, strong wind in combination with rain, low temperature, or if the weatherforecast says thunderstorms, choose another day for hiking Romsdalseggen!  

Hikers in Romsdalen practice leave no trace ethics, which mean taking great care to protect the environment that they pass through.

Car parking
Click on the long term car parking map to enlarge.

You can park your car for free in one of the long term car parks near the town centre. You should avoid the short term car parks situated in the middle of the town. In Åndalsnes town center the short term car parking is restricted to three hours only. Click for more information about car parking in Åndalsnes.


Bus from Åndalsnes to Vengedalen  NOK 140,- per person.

Family price is NOK 275,- (parents with children under 16 years, max 2 adults and 2 children)
Children under 16 years NOK 75,- (only online-tickets)

Tickets for the bus can be purchased online at this webpage, or at Romsdal-booking’s office in the Railway Station building in Åndalsnes town center.

The area Åndalsnes – Isfjorden – Skorgedalen has grazing animals in the mountain areas, and dogs have to be kept in leash in the period April 1 – Oktober 1. Remember to close the gates! Have a nice hike!

Accommodation near Romsdalseggen

In Romsdalen there is a wide selection of great accommodation possibilities. You can choose between nice hotels, a hostel, guesthouses, apartments, rooms, cabins, camp sites with different amenities, and holiday houses.

 What to do the next day

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Shopping tips

At Sødahlhuset and Norsk Tindesenter you find the sweetest souvenirs from Romsdalen, handmade by local craftsmen. In Sødahlhuset you can also taste local specialities and lovely pastries made from scratch.