Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Hike the famous and spectacular Romsdalseggen (The Romsdal Ridge)!

Bus- departures are closed for the season.
Alternative transport are the Rauma Taxi: +47 712 21 555/ +47 928 49 555


On a nice Summer day there can be a long que to get onboard the bus. Please be patient and wait for your turn. Shuttle buses will run continuously until all hikers have been transported to the starting point. The first bus will leave as soon as it is filled up.

Remember to bring a daypack with suitable clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, a rich lunch, and enough to drink. Please take precautions, and read the information carefully before you prepare for this challenging hike.

Car parking in Åndalsnes when hiking  –  Important info!

In Åndalsnes there are no parking fees, but you should be aware that in the middle of Åndalsnes town centre it is time restricted parking. This is regulated by the rules for the city parking zone. The time limit should not be exceeded if you want to avoid a parking ticket on the car window. Remember that general rules for parking apply at all times on public streets in and around Åndalsnes. Illegal parking may result in a fine, so please make sure that your car is placed on a legal spot.
We strongly advice all our guests who plan to hike Romsdalseggen to use one of the long term parking places in Åndalsnes, P1, P2 or P3!
There are no time limits here, and you can park for free.  Download the long term parking map here.
Visit Romsdal wishes you a good and safe hike!