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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

In stunning environments you are invited to participate in old summer farm traditions at Bøstølen, and taste the fresh cream and cheese produced from the grazing animals. Welcome to Bøstølen!

We leave the fjord behind us, and the road winds up in the mountains, and even more beautiful views and landscape appears.

As we climb higher and higher up in the mountain we pass old farmhouses, some of them abandoned, mountain streams and small bridges.

Appraoching Bøstølen we are surrounded by slow-growing birch trees, grazing animals and a beautiful scenery.

Bøstølen is the perfect place to relax and soak in the impressions of the nature’s wonder.

This trip suits anywone with a sense of the beautiful Norwegian scenery and traditional living. Everything is authentic, and the wandering animals add to the rural feel. A place you would like to stay forever.

Bøstølen Summer Farm

The mountain farm consists of a number of traditional grass covered roofed buildings. You are invited to have a look and see how the traditional cheese and dairy products were made in the past. It is great fun to watch the process, you can try if you want. And of course, you are welcome to taste the finished products of butter, cream and cheese.

The hosts are passionate about keeping the old traditions alive in this familiy farm. They are personable and welcoming, and will share their acknowledge and tell interesting stories about everyday life at the summer farm. When walking around here you will sort of get a sense of what life was like when farming was the livelihood.

This is a paradise for nature and animal lovers.

Here is no crowd. Just listen to the cow bells tinkling and the trickling water.

We hope you will be left with a wonderful experience and some very happy memories.