Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

The last ordinary bus departure to Vengedalen is on Friday, September 30. We have set up extra departures Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, and Sunday 9th, in the first place. The weatherforecast for Saturday is unpredictable. It can be very wet, and maybe snow on top of Romsdalseggen, so please take your precautions. Solid hiking boots are a must. You should wear gloves and a warm cap. You should consider to choose the safest route based on the changing weather you’re facing. Avoid the top of Romsdalseggen ridge in snowfall.

Read instructions in the brochure. Please notice that the brochure describes two variants of the hike, one on top of the edge all time, and one that partly include the edge. But if the weather turns bad it is strongly reccommended to avoid the top of the Romsdalseggen ridge. The terrain is slippery and dangerous when it’s raining, snowing or the air is moist and the temperature is around zero degrees. Hiking on top of the ridge will be at your own risk.

If the weather turns bad it is a much safer option to choose the path towards Kaffikjelbua, in low terrain, on the rear side of Romsdalseggen. From Kaffikjelbua you continue a marked path, and follow the signs towards Nesaksla and Åndalsnes.

Tickets can be purchased at the bottom of this page. About the parking rules in Åndalsnes town.