Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

This is a popular hike from Trollstigen plateau to Bispevatnet. Fantastic view over Trollstigen and the mountains.

Popular hike from the top of Trollstigen and up to Bispevatnet . The hike starts at 747 meters above sea level and has a total elevation rise of 290 meters. Good trail in scree and bedrock.

Park at the “Strupen” at the top of Trollstigen (just after the bridge). Follow the road 30 m uphill and cross the road. The start of the trail is marked with a red T. Follow the rock back up to the surface a little, and come to a small pond.

Turn right around a hammer, and so on up the cairned. Approx. 100 m after the hammer on the path to the right of some weaker, and then up through a watch. Keep right up a new back, and then to the right during the next big scree. The trail follows the ridge above, with slight pull to the right. Up at the lake can continue slightly uphill to a masonry resting on some rocks.

The trail is cairned, but in the beginning, many tourists bricked own beacons so it can be a bit confusing.

From Bispevatnet Lake, it is possible to proceed further into the right side of the lake, to the pass between Bispen and Kongen.

You can also join a guided hike to Bispevatnet.