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A guided hike with a fantastic view, to a hidden, sparkling gem in one of Norway’s most historic mountain areas.

Bispevatnet is situated 1002 asl, surrounded by some of the most towering mountains in Romsdalen; Bispen, Kongen and Finnan. The area has a history dated several centuries back in time, when it was an important trade path, connecting Romsdalen and Sunnmøre. At Bispevatnet there are several ancient traces of trapping, and through the centuries the area has been an important place for caribou hunting.

Join this hike in Trollstigen’s fantastic mountain terrain, and the guide will take you on a historic journey through centuries of trading, tourism, climbing, and parachuting of today. The view is outstanding. The mountain lake Bispevatnet consist of crystal clear water from the Finnan glacier.

The hike to Bispevatnet is enjoyable for even small children.

The hike goes like this

Starting point for the hike is 747 asl. and has a total climb of 290 meters. The path is well marked, and the terrain is good for walking, consisting of alternately rocks, vegetation and stones. Duration time is about two and a half hours, and it’s also suitable for children.

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Meet at the car parking at Strupen, about 1 km from Trollstigen Kafé (direction Valldal).

The price include:

A guided hike with story telling


Bring your own packed lunch and something to drink. We recommend you use good shoes for hiking, preferably some shoes that protect the ankles. But sneakers can also be used.