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Åndalsnes – Ålesund – Geiranger – Åndalsnes
Visit world famous attractions along the golden route between Åndalsnes, Ålesund and Geiranger. This roundtrip suggestion includes some of Norway’s golden highlights, where you can experience the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund, combined with the beautiful sceneries of Trollstigen mountains and Geiranger fjord. Take a seat and enjoy!

This suggested roundtrip is available from late June to late August! 


The ultimate roundtrip – get the best out of the fjords and mountains!
Visit the romantic Ålesund city, take a beautiful ferry trip on the Geiranger fjord, explore the world heritage site of Geiranger, and take a seat and drive the scenic and dramatic road between Geiranger and Åndalsnes. This roundtrip has got it all!

This is a roundtrip you are going to put together on your own. We give you the bus time schedules between the towns, and you choose a long or short stay at each place, it is all up to you. This puts a lot of flexibility in the roundtrip. This roundtrip will include the best of the fjords in the northwestern part of Norway. You will explore:

  • Ålesund town
  • The fjord cruise on the world famous Geiranger fjord
  • Geiranger
  • The Eagle road
  • The Golden route over Trollstigen road

By starting and ending up in Åndalsnes there will be time to explore the Romsdalen valley and all the attractions in Åndalsnes region.

Our suggestion for the roundtrip goes like this:

Åndalsnes to Ålesund by bus
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Ålesund is internationally famous for its distinctive architecture in the “Art Noveau” style (Jugendstil) with towers, spires and imaginative decoration on the house facades. This particular style of architecture in the centre of Aalesund is a result of the catastrophic fire in 1904 that completely destroyed the centre of the town. Read more about Ålesund here

Spend a night or two in Ålesund town to explore the many attractions in Ålesund.
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Ålesund – Hellesylt – Geiranger by bus and ferry
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Next route leg will take you on a scenic bus ride between the towering mountains of Sunnmøre. At Hellesylt the ferry will take you on a fantastic journey on the Geiranger fjord. While cruising the fjord you can enjoy the sight of beautiful waterfalls and small mountain farms clinging to the steep mountain sides. After a 1 hour ferry trip you will approach the next destination, Geiranger.

Geiranger is the jewel in the crown of the Norwegian fjords. Dalsnibba is one of Geiranger’s main attractions and is a very popular mountain top with visitors to the area. From the Dalsnibba plateau there is a breath-taking view across the most beautiful World Heritage Site, nestled in the surrounding mountain landscape with Geirangerfjorden right in the middle. 

Consider to spend a night or two in Geiranger if you plan to visit some of the famous highlights in Geiranger.

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Geiranger – Åndalsnes by bus

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Then take a seat on the bus back to Åndalsnes. This is the most dramatic and scenic route leg in Norway, this is why it is called The Golden Route! Keep your cameras ready, you will have photostops at The Eagele’s bend and a longer stop at Trollstigen café and viewpoints.