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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Come on in for a spectacular tour through the marble mines of Eide!

If you are looking for an unique experience, or if you’re just headed towards the Atlantic Road, we can recommend you to stop by Bergtatt!

It is possible to visit the marble mines during the summer season. The mines’ got something for everyone to experience! You will get a a float ride over the subterranean lake, drink water from the most inner mountain spring, and see a movie about the mining industry in the area.

Early in the 1900s they were working on marble to be taken out of the mines and processed for the paper industry, since that, the mines have become 40 km long and divided in 11 stores. Inside the mines, you will be taken onboard a float that brings you in over the water that is as clear as glass. There will be changing light throughout the tour, bringing you into the dark spaces as well as the lighted places. There are four big chandeliers are lighting up the marble walls. You will be docking by a bar and walk into the small nice arcades.

To get here, you start the drive going up a mountain wall before you meet the opening of the mines. The road disappears into the big tunnel, and you go in. There will be only darkness until you will see a small light in front of you leading the way.

The temperature of the mines is constant and it is 7 degrees celsius, and inside the hall the temperature is 22 degrees celsius. Bergtatt is the only place in Norway that can give you a 100% guarantee for the weather.