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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

The Rauma Golf Court is located at Setnesmoen, Åndalsnes in wonderful surroundings. The court has 9 holes. Very few people know that it was actually here the golf sport in Norway first started. The English Lords that came here to fish in the river arranged golf tournaments as early as in 1905 – on the exact same place as the golf court is today.

The 9-hole course lies in beautiful surroundings at Setnesmoen only 3 kilometers from Åndalsnes. Not many are aware that this was where golf started in Norway. The English salmon lords held golf tournaments in Åndalsnes as early as 1905 – on the site of the current golf course.

Openinghours: Daily from 10:00 – evening


Greenfee for adults (from 23 yrs.)
– For 2 days
kr. 300,-
kr. 500,-
Greenfee children and juniors (up to 22 yrs.)
– For 2 days
kr. 150,-
kr. 250,-
Greenfee for a whole week costs kr. 800,- / kr. 400,-
Greenfee for the whole season 2016 kr. 2000,-
Rental golf clubs, adult kr. 150,-
Rental golf clubs, children and junior kr. 50,-
Rental, caddy kr. 50,-
Golfcar, rentak 18 holes
Golfcar, rental 9 holes
kr. 200,-
kr. 150,-


Bring your Greenfee card and play Golf at the golf court with Norway’s most scenic surroundings!

Watch this educational and informal program about Norwegian gems, persented with charm by the famous and eccentric host, Linda Eide. The topic is how the golf sport came to Norway, and Rauma Golf Court plays a central role. Here you’ll learn that the salmon lords who were fishing in the Rauma River introduced the golf sport to Norway. Take a look at the beautiful surroundings presented in this TV-program. Unfortunately they only speak Norwegian.

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