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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Planning is an essential part of a tour. To experience the whole region plan a stay at the outer coastline combined with breathtaking hikes in the alpine mountains.

Ålesund and Sunnmøre Trekking Association offers both daytrips and longer tours in the mountains of Sunnmøre and Tafjord. You will find a network of hiking trails and cabins in this moutain area. They have 15 cabins in the area.

Visit to find a trekking area, suggestions for tours, or descriptions of cabins. Take a look at the preparation you should do before visiting the DNT-cabins here!

For hiking routes in the Ålesund region visit the webpage:

Get a map of the area and borrow a DNT-key from a local member-office. Load your pack and explore the outdoors!

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Reindalseter is situated at the east end of Langevatnet in Reindalen.

It is the most central cabin for the different hiking routes in Tafjordfjella.

The cabin is staffed during the summer season. 76 beds.


A great starting point for hikes in Tafjordfjella.Good possibilities for fishing

nearby. Suitable for families with small kids.

34 beds in the main building. 18 in the smaller cabin. 


In the heart of Tafjordfjella, with a great terrain for hiking and exploring the


Access to boat. 51 beds.


Located in the high mountain terrain, at 1450 masl. this is a perfect start

point for hikes in the Tafjord mountains.

26 beds.


Pyttbua is situated in a nice terrain, high up in the mountains,

surrounded by some of Møre and Romsdal’s highest mountains.

Karitinden (1982 masl), Pytteggja (1999 masl).

51 beds.


This simple cabin is the most genuin one in the area, with a uinique location. under a mountain cliff. This is more like a shelter, equipped with four plank-beds with no facilities for heating or cooking. Only 10 min from Veltdalshytta.

4 beds


Cozy cabin situated between four small mountain lakes. The area invites

you to great fishing experiences. Top quality fish. 9 beds.


You’ll be set 100 years back in time in this old style cabin, where you

can feel the homy atmosphere from the cabin-life in the old days.

7 beds.


Maybe the most charming cabin in Tafjordfjella.

You can experience great fishing in Ulvådalsvatnet and nearby rivers and

creeks. Boat available during high season. Great for families. 28 beds.


The beautiful Velleseterdalen is a paradise for the whole familiy,

and the cabin is easy accessible for even small kids. 11 beds.


A boathouset tramsformed into a nice cabin. Great for families. Boat for use.

6 beds.


Patchellhytta consists of three cabins, and is situated by the foot of Slogen (1564 masl), Sunnmøre’s famous mountain peak. Perfect starting point for hikes to Slogen, Brekketindane eller Smørskredtindane. 72 beds.

Runde Fyr

Runde Fyr, or lighthouse, is situated at Kvaleneset on the north west of

the widely known bird-island Runde. The light keeper’s house is converted

to a self service cabin with 24 beds.


Standalhytta is situated at Standalseidet, beside Kolåstinden og Sætretindane

in Sunnmørsalpane. 12 beds.