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Official information for Åndalsnes and Romsdalen since 1930

Join a guided tour with Friluftslek, where you hike in the old tradesmen’s footsteps! A hike up Kløvstien is a journey back in time combined with fantastic nature experiences. The guide leads you safely up the narrow path next to cascading waterfalls, and tells you the old story of Kløvstien path.

Kløvstien is a beautiful and exciting hike that climbs Trollstigen! This is the old horsetrail farmers and fishermen used to get to the Romsdal Market at Devold in Romsdalen, next to Åndalsnes – hundreds of years ago.

The Kløvstien path is an exciting hike for those who would like to explore Trollstigen like it was in the old days.
From the startpoint along the streaming river, then the trail steepens into stone steps, made by Sherpas from Nepal. Worth a study!

2.3 km adventure for fit guests
2 hours duration to Stigrøra Plateau ( Restaurant )
424 m incline
Must have: Good shoes and good clothes! Water bottle.


The guide from Friluftslek will lead you safely up the challenging mountain terrain, and you will be impressed with beautiful sceneries, and get close to the great Trollstigen waterfall, cascading down the mountainside. On top of Trollstigen you can study Trollstigen Platau and Café, an architectural gem, designed for the purpose of letting the visitors interact with the water and dramatic landscape.


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