Offisiell informasjon for Åndalsnes og Romsdalen siden 1930


You are invited to visit a completely genuine region, where you can experience unique treasures from the fjord by Åndalsnes through the genuin landscape of Romsdalen, to Lesja, Dombås and Dovrefjell National Park, or Trollstigen. Visit museum, church, wild reindeer center, or an old watermill in action. Participate in activities, taste local food, and learn more about local history and culture in this scenic area.

Rauma_Railway_Leif Johnny Olestad 2014 (28)_1
Rauma Railway – Photo: Leif Johnny Olestad

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 Cruise experiences Rauma – Lesja – Dovre is a cruise network cooperation between:
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Raumabanen Rail Line to Bjorli / Dombås and return

Lonely Planet voted the Raumabanen Rail Line to be the most beautiful train journey in Europe. Highlights are the beautiful waterfalls, the emerald river Rauma, the famous Trollveggen rock face, mount Romsdalshorn and Kylling bridge.

Heidi-Beate, Trollveggen Besøkssenter (84)Trollveggen Visitor Center

Stretching 1800 m into the sky, Trollveggen is a famous landmark in Norway. The 1000 meters vertical drop, even with a 50 m overhang, has mad this mountain to an attractive mountain for base jumpers from all over the world. The visitory center is located right under the Trollveggen, in overwhelming surroundings. Inside the visitor center you’ll find a nice cafeteria, souvenir shop and a modern auditorium showing the spectacular film about the history of Trollveggen. This is an absolutely must-see attraction when you are in Åndalsnes.

lesja bygdemuseumLesja Bygdemuseum

Lesja Bugdemuseum, by Lesja Church, is a traditional inland farm consisting of 12 buildings dating from the 18th and 19th century and portrays local inland culture, working life and living conditions from this time. New exhibition about wild reindeer and hunting wild reindeer. Salesexhibits by local artists, sale of coffee and traditional bakery goods.

Norsk Villreinsenter, HjerkinnNorsk Villreinsenter 

At the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center you can see reconstructed pitfalls, falcon traps and fox traps and learn about thousands of years of trapping and cultural history in Norway. The center is located in the middle of the wildest mountain area. This area is covered by some of the largest national parks in Norway. Huge parts of the area has become a landscape-protected area. The wild reindeer of Dovrefjell and Rondane are the last of the original mountain reindeer of Europe.

viewpoint SNØHETTA ©K_JacobsenViewpoint Snøhetta

Closer to the wild you can hardly get. The area provides a wide and varied selection of plants and birds, in some cases some very rare species. It is in these area flocks of reindeer have roamed since time immemorial and reindeer hunting is a tradition, part of everyday life for the locals. Moskus calves were introduced to Dovre in the early 1950’s. The moskus have thrived in the mountains and the stock has now increased to over 200 animals. The highest mountain, Snøhetta, rises majestically in the distance. Watch the film from the viewpoint here!

Sagelva Hydropowerstation (21)Sagelva Vasskraftsenter

Sagelva hydropower center tells the story of how the water energy has been exploited for over 300 years. The center shows three different types of water mills. The forces of flowing water and methods for exploitng the power impress the visitors. Located in the most beautiful wooded environments. Taste the delicious, local produced waffles.


The ultimate outdoor shop located in Åndalsnes town center. The store to visit for all nature lovers and adventure seekers. Organizes unique adventure experiences for companies, groups and individuals in the Romsdal nature.

hjerkinnhusHjerkinnhus Hostel

The nearest neighbour to Viewpoint Snøhetta. Norsk Villreinsenter is located across the yard. Serves delicious local food, with a taste of the wild. Arranges musk ox safaries and guided tours.

frichskafeteria3Frich’s Cafeteria

The cafeteria in Dombås offers good, local and traditional food in pleasant surroundings. Children’s menu, and disbled friendly. Free WIFI access, and computers available for the guests.

0002-vengedalsrennetVeøy Buss

The bus company located in Åndalsnes. The company operates a number of routes in Romsdal, and is heavily involved in the tourist transportation in the area during the season.

lesja innkjøpslagLesja Innkjøpslag

Lesja Innkjøpslag operates both Bygger’n Lesja and Felleskjøpet store. The company is organised as a cooperative, and the farmers in the village own the shares.

Dovre kommuneDovre municipality

Nature in the Dovre area has played an important part in the history of conservation in Norway. 73% of the Dovre municipality is national parks and protected areas with a rich and valuable plant and animal life. You will find a wide selection of accommodation and activities in our county. The landscape around Dovre features both rolling hills, easily accessible, and high, rugged Mountains, deep valleys and glaciers.

lesjaLesja municipality

The mixture of spectacular mountain scenery and cultural landscapes make Lesja a paradise for outdoor activities. The biodiversity is unique: wild reindeer, musk oxen, wolverines, lynx, rare mountain plants and beautiful rivers. More of Lesja belongs to national parks than any other municipality in southern Norway.